Saturday, 11 February 2012

Convert Your .apk files to .jar files

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I have searched a lot for a bit of information on converting .apk files to .jar files. I will share it with you.Let's get sarted.

Download .apk file from market

  • Download any app from the Android Market [Go]
  • Install Astro File Manager from Android Market [Go]  
  • Open Astro > Tools > Application Manager/Backup and select the application to backup on SD card.
  • Mount the phone as USB and access 'BACKUPAPPS' folder to find the apk of targetapp.(lets call this targetapp.apk).
  • Copy it to your hard disk.

Decomiling apk to Dex format

  • Download Dex2Jar [GO] 
  • Android runs applications which are in Dalvik Executable (.dex) format.
  • Run the following command to convert apk to jar.
dex2jar targetapp.apk file(./dex2jar targetapp.apk on terminal)
                                                 File 'targetapp.apk.dex2jar.jar' is created

[Click to Enlarge]

Viewing/Decompiling the Jar files to Java

Method 1 : Use JavaDecomiler (JD)

  • Open 'targetapp.apk.dex2jar.jar' with jd-gui [Click to Download]  
  • File > Save All Sources to save the class files in jar to java files.
Method 2 : JAD
  • Extract contents of jar file on to a folder named src.  Use and unarchival utility like 7zip.
  • Keep 'src' folder in the same directory where JAD and targetapp jar is present.
  • Open JAD in cmd and execute the following command
jad -o -r -sjava -dsrc src/**/*.class (./jad on terminal)

Now src will contain decompiled Java files ready for manual code review.

Enjoy :)


indonull said...

aduh, mumet gan.

hemant123456789 said...

Is this possible? i am ordinery user. can u make it possible to convert talking tom 2 apk to working .jar file? sir, i m waiting for ur reply.

Anonymous said...


Thats simple. No. This is just for manual code review. In the end, you have to start writing the .jar files from scratch anyways. So, better get an android rather than trying to get a .jar talking tom. I mean, do you even know how much heap memory it will require.

Atleast get some basic knowledge before asking something. I mean, I am just 14 years old and still know all the basic shits of a mobile. Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

my comand prompt can't open dex2jar.bat
it sais that `java` isn't an internal or ...
how can I make it work?

anil baniwal said...

plsssssssssssss help me sme1 :(

sarath Nk said...

Thanks Its easy to convert apk to java file.

common man said...

once explain me
it shows wrong command

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


yash kumar said...

I want to convert the bike race free game to jar file how can i do this, is it possible?
Please help me.

Oscar said...

Really informative article on How to Convert jar to Android apk format. I love this blog. Thank you

ahmed ali said...

Sir,can u make video for converting .apk to .jar

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You have written the article and now its wasting our time.
We request you to answer are queries ....please.

sopyan nurcahyana said...

at step three cannot run on cmd jad -o -r -sjava -dsrc src/**/*.class this is u try or not

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